We advise large companies to invest in startups by creating customized Corporate Venture Capital programs. We act from the definition of the investment thesis to the negotiation and structuring of the capital contribution.

Build your company's innovation pillars in the future today, mapping and investing in disruptive entrepreneurial initiatives.

Investing in Corporate Venture Capital with eMotion Studios, your company can count with a team of specialists in the fastest growing investment modality in the world among institutions that are strategically seeking innovation and technology.

Choose the Advisory or Constitution and Management modality, which differ in terms of the choice of environment where efforts to develop the strategy will be generated, which may be internal or external.


Definition of expected financial returns and strategic objectives
Recommendation of the governance, team and structure of the CVC
Definition of the investment thesis
Prospecting for investment targets
Founder reference
Analysis of the business model and competitive advantages
Review of capital requirements and allocation of post-investment resources
Term sheet structuring
Back office support to monitor investees


Na modalidade Assessoria atuamos como parceiro estruturador, onde o CVC ocorre de maneira interna à empresa cliente e trabalhamos em um processo que vai da preparação do time à sugestões indicativas de transações realizadas pelo nosso time de especialistas.

Em nossa segunda modalidade atuamos em parceria com uma gestora de investimentos credenciada CVM, construindo e gerindo os fundos de investimentos em startups. Esta alternativa contempla as etapas da Assessoria Consultiva e também a criação de uma estrutura compatível com regras de compliance necessárias.

The monitoring of investees is more in-depth and we act more assertively in indicating exit strategies.

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cases.corporate venture capital.

cases.corporate venture capital.

cases.corporate venture capital.

Corporate Venture Capital with a listed capital company

We advise a big publicly listed company to define their Corporate Venture Capital thesis and evaluate more than 5 startups for investment

Check out our client's case and discover how we generate value in technology and innovation for a traditional company with more than 40 years in its segment

The partnership with the publicly traded Brazilian multinational took place to structure and execute a Corporate Venture Capital strategy. From an initial demand for evaluation of a high-fit startup with the Contracting Party's relationship channels, a 360º analysis of the business was carried out, involving strategic, operational, product, positioning, partners and finance aspects of the startup. Through advising and periodic monitoring, an Innovation Strategy for the Contracting Party was also carried out, which culminated in the structuring of a vehicle for investments in startups, considering the best structure of contributions, team formatting, relevant indicators for monitoring the results and a Corporate Venture Capital budget.

Over 4 months, through the establishment of practices and contacts in the innovation market for the Contractor's internal team, and the development of a customized analysis methodology for the client, another 3 startups were evaluated. Out of a total of 4, one is under POC (Proof of Concept) analysis and one is in an advanced stage of investment negotiation, whose investment proposal was built by eMotion Studios based on input from participating players, considering financial and Contracting Party's intellectual capital/expertise.

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