We enable interactions of ideas, processes, solutions and methodologies capable of transforming your company into an innovative business.

With over 10 years in the market, eMotion Studios works with great expertise in Open Innovation. One of the most collaborative methodologies, where we support corporations in creating an organizational culture capable of generating and implementing innovation.

For this, we develop solutions and strategies that impact the ecosystem, make connections feasible, and solve challenges. We use innovation as a trigger for brand positioning, process optimization, creation of new disruptive products and services that are ahead of the competition, bringing new products to the market.


Recruitment, selection and training of innovation ambassadors
Mapping and prioritizing strategic challenges
Global startup search
Analysis, selection and preparation of startups
Co-creation of experiments
Preparation of supplies, legal, IT and financial for approval
Support in negotiating values and conditions of experiments
Assisted supervision of experiments
Compilation and analysis of experimental results
Definition of which experiments will be scaled
Negotiation of the terms of the scale


The Training, Connection and Community stages are part of the development journey and are significant in Open Innovation, carried out with the aim of building a culture of innovation and transferring methodological knowledge through interactions.

Employees will be able to carry out Open Innovation projects, transformed into ambassadors of innovation and with the necessary skills for the practice of entrepreneurship. In addition to connecting corporations with innovative solutions capable of solving challenges from different perspectives of the organization. innovation. innovation. innovation. innovation.

cnc transforms with the national commerce confederation

We built an Open Innovation program for the biggest entity in Brazilian commerce.

Check out the CNC case and discover how we helped a 75-year-old entity to revolutionize the trade of goods, services and tourism in Brazil.

With companies living in new times that demand changes and adaptations, the National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism has partnered with eMotion Studios with the goal of offering technological innovation tools that help in the modernization and survival of businesses in the tertiary sector. Despite the seriousness of the effects generated by the pandemic in the sector, it ended up becoming a driving force behind the digital transformation in the sector, driving the adoption of new technologies and allocation of capital for tests and experiments.

The program started with launch events and immersions (Pillar CNC Communicates) aimed at all publics of the Commerce System (in addition to the Confederation, unions and federations of the sectors represented by the entity) and training of multiplier agents (Pillar CNC Multiply) on the topic of Open Innovation, which became ambassadors to foster digital culture and support articulations in the various phases of the project. Next, challenges and opportunities from different areas of CNC were mapped for around 100 national startups existing in the innovation ecosystem of eMotion Studios, in addition to several POCs (Proof of Concept) negotiated and carried out (Pillar CNC Innovates), so that they could develop new solutions or connecting existing solutions to the needs of entrepreneurs (Pillar CNC Connect), encouraging their adhesion to the assistance contribution to the entities. The main results achieved with these innovations and connections were the increase in revenue and the reduction of company expenses, with our first pilot product created within the CNC Conecta in Campo Grande-MT helping to increase a businesswoman's revenue by 300% of the clothing industry.

These 4 Pillars constitute the CNC Transforms program, executed in biannual cycles, having already reached more than 1800 leaderships through the CNC Communicates; more than 150 ambassadors of innovation trained by CNC Multiply; more than 50 mapped challenges and 5 prioritized POCs were carried out through CNC Innovates; and more than 20 partnerships developed with different conditions for the comer Commerce System taxpayers, through CNC Connect.

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