We work to create transformation. We transform ideas into businesses and help founders and companies to be even better.

We are the biggest Startup Studio in Brazil. We co-found the startups of the future from scratch with incredible entrepreneurs and innovative companies, bringing exceptional talents with track-records in entrepreneurship, our own methodology, expertise, culture, knowledge and our entire ecosystem of relationship and networking with the market and potential investors.

eMotion Studios has over 10 years of experience in creating and developing startups. Along this journey, it was possible to build knowledge about the most assertive paths. And all of this allows us to be with founders and large companies to help them come up with ideas, identify major pains that can generate new business opportunities and thus build startups from scratch, to meet needs or offer new products.

We believe that innovation can improve the world we live in. For this, we use the power of connection with the strength of creativity, resulting in co-evolution. If you want to open up new opportunities, come and co-found the companies of the future with us.


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The great differential of Startup Studios lies in its development methodology: the team works from identifying the market and investment thesis, to designing the startup, building the business and developing ideas. It is a different business model than an accelerator, for example, which only offers business mentoring to the team pre-established by
the startup itself.

eMotion Studios' high impact business creation methodology was developed through the experience of years of startup development, by talents of different expertise, and validated by market experts with great success cases. As an agile and dynamic company, we are in constant evolution, always seeking the best and already validated market practices and striving for collaboration and knowledge exchange
with different players.

Based on the concepts of lean startup and design thinking, combined with business creation tools, our methodology enables the development of startups quickly and cheaply. By combining business development methodology with the experience and dedication of our hands-on entrepreneurs, eMotion Studios adds value to the business validation process, and this value is perceived, appreciated and remunerated by clients, companies and investors.

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